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ABOUT US (me and my blog)

HELLO and welcome to my website where I usually post blogs about personal finances, use of blogging as a business and lifestyle.I honestly wish that I had started blogging during senior year of my high school.But back then I didn’t even know what on earth was blogging all about.but no worries cuz you’re NEVER too late to start a blog.I am currently pursuing my bachelors in engineering and also I am really into personal finances, blogging and how to generate passive income(through blogging).

After learning about some of the great bloggers out there really gave me a kick to start this blog and also I wanted to have a side source of income .at the beginning I didn’t really knew how to even start t his thing, but with time I’ve come so far in this field of learning(and I surely have many more things to learn).



As said before, blogging is something I would have definitely started sooner if I knew about it before.There are a lot of positives about it.there are flexible work schedule, earning options, and putting something up to the world to see. You should try that too.

after learning about some GREAT and SUCCESSFUL bloggers is what really gave me the kick to start my own blog.




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