How to write a perfect blog post

If you are new to my website then HELLOOO and WELCOME to my website where I usually post about finances, blogging stuff and lifestyle.After you are done with buying a hosting plan (buy your hosting plans from BLUEHOST or from GODADDY from the given links provided).Go through the procedure if you haven’t done it yet HERE.

After setting up your hosting and domain, you need to put up a theme( BEAUTIFUL DAWN DESIGNS  provides beautiful themes) that really suits your niche( select your themes here).NOW really comes the question,”how and what to write as a blog post?”.

DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER! In this post, I am only going to teach you how I myself write my blog and the tools and apps I use to customize my blogs(texts, pictures, and designs).And I am not going to recommend you anything that I haven’t tried myself or I don’t trust at, every item I recommend in this post (apps or references) is genuinely used by me.

1: The blog topic section

For the blog topic, you need to come up with a catchy and unique sentence that your readers cannot resist clicking. For example:

1:”How I increased my pageviews from 1k to 10k/month in a month”.

2:”13 hacks you wish you knew about making money through blogging”.

see these examples are catchy and seem really interesting and really hard to resist.Try to make your topic as interesting as possible because if your readers have very small attention span (of almost 5 seconds), you need to grab their attention within that time.

2: Use of a feature image or a design

To make your blog more interesting, more graphic, more interactive, and more importantly, not boring.Then you need to put up some pictures, designs, graphs etc relevant to your blog post.This will make your blog to stand out and will be a bit more user-friendly that your readers will enjoy.

Personally, I use CANVA and PICMONKEY to design and edit all my graphics and images.They are super easy to use and customize, they have an easy to access user-friendly control system. You can choose from hundreds of templated and premade designs.CANVA provides free use for some limited templates and designs, but you can access all of them by becoming a premium member of the site.Besides that, canva has a wide range of FREE templates and designs to choose from.Whereas PICMONKEY lets you access all the templates and designs for a limited period to 7 days as a free trial but all are accessible one you are a premium member. PICMONKEY lets you to edit, touch up your pictures, build a design and make a collage real time.The quality and service provided by PICMONKEY are unbeatable.

OR you can pay FIVERR to make it for you.From logos to designs and graphics.They do it all. (though I don’t use Fiverr myself but it’s a great alternative for someone who doesn’t have time for creating one for themselves or want their graphics to look more professional)

3: Write amazing content

Just giving an attention-grabbing title and an amazing graphic design before the actual content won’t help.Give the readers what they were looking for when the clicked on your blog.Don’t get your reader’s hopes high only to disappoint them.Write a brief and explained content about which you put up the title.your readers will feel cheated if you do not give them what you said you would.You don’t have to over exaggerate what you have to say.Just be yourself and keep it as simple and friendly as possible. And give your genuine thoughts and views on the topic.

Regarding correct sentence use and grammar, I do not worry about it because I use automatically detects what are the words I’ve written wrong and corrects it with just a click.Not just words but using  GRAMMARLY also has a privilege of sentence automation.It itself detects if the syntax of your sentence suits or not.GRAMMARLY scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, spanning everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement.

I myself have been using its PREMIUM annual plan and it allows me to write my contents mistake free.You can really rely on it.

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